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Clubs - Submit your COVID-19 Procedures for Review

Though we are not (yet) approved to be approving clubs re-opening plans. Our goal is to ensure we have a unified front to ensure Functional Fitness clubs are all meeting the highest standard required & requested for re-opening protocols.

You can see examples of 2 of our clubs in depth protocols, both were written based on many of the resources that we posted months ago on the blog HERE.

Raincity Athletics

Engineered Bodies

Submit Your Procedures

We are actively engaging in conversations with groups like ViaSport as well as the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) to work on creating a unified front to get FF registered Clubs mass approval from the Provincial Government - if we can promise standards are met.


  1. Please email your current documents to - no matter what you've got / where you're at - we're here to help!

  2. Check your inboxes for an invite to our slack channel for quickest access to the BCFFSA board!

Not a registered BCFFSA club? REGISTER NOW

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