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Want to Represent Canada at the 2024 IF3 Superworlds in Hungary? Here's how.

Updated: Apr 14

Here's the qualification process for the upcoming International Functional Fitness Super World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, in November 2024. This year is a special event (hence the super) as they will be hosting ALL divisions in one championship!

You may remember we hosted the 2023 Masters World Championships at the Richmond Oval last September (it was pretty awesome), this year that event is combined with the IF3 Seniors (20-29+) as well as team divisions - it's going to be MASSIVE! and we need to send the best athletes from Canada that we can!

In order to participate in Canadian Functional Fitness sanctioned events you must purchase an annual athlete membership ($15) here. These fees help support the growth and development ment of the sport of functional fitness in Canada. If you're interested in volunteering and joining a committee please contact us :)

We'd love to see you represent Canada on the world stage in this rapidly growing international sport! Here's how...

Qualification Process:

  • Date: June 11-17, 2024

  • Format: Online

  • Athletes must compete in this qualifier to be eligible for the National Championships.

  • Date: July 27-28, 2024

  • Location: London, Ontario

  • This event will select the national team to compete in Budapest.

  • Date: November 2024

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary

  • The first ever SUPER worlds hosting all divisions of junoirs senoirs and masters at once, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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