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2021 Active BCFFSA Board Projects

The current projects the BCFFSA & Canadian Functional Fitness Federation & their committees are actively working on.


Technical Official Committee

We are working with the CFFF as well as the IF3 to standardize Technical Official training & registration across Canada & internationally. We will have unified T.O. registration & management internationally via Interpodia making it easier than ever to find a trained T.O. in your area.

Technical Official Training Levels

  • Level 1 - Online training test

  • Level 2 - In Person training course

  • Level 3 - Live review of in person judging (local event)

  • Level 4 - Final live review (national event)

Long Term Athlete Development Committee

This committee works alongside Athletics Canada & Sport For Life to develop an approved long term development plan for youth training in the sport of Functional Fitness.

Read more about Canadian Sport for Life here.


Coaching Curriculum Committee

The committee is actively working with to develop an approved National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) for the sport of Functional Fitness.

Read more about the National Coaching Certificate Program here.


Events & Competitions

Though events were postponed or cancelled during COVID-19, we're actively working with the CFFF and IF3 to finalize dates for multiple international qualifier events this season.

Checkout out events page for updates here:

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